Saturday, October 15, 2011

The DIEting has begun

Well I've made some pretty drastic changes in my life in the last few weeks. I joined a gym with my college roommate and have started working with a personal trainer (who is super hot if you don't mind me saying). I've also started a new diet with my mom. The first week was hell, but as I've gotten use to it and learning the ins and outs of all the rules it is pretty easy. So with all of that I'm down 20 lbs! And feeling great, well mostly. Let's just say squats are not a fat girls best friend and my legs are killing me.

You might be wondering what motivated me to do all of this. Well after watching a whole season of "Heavy" I couldn't be that any more. Plus it's been years of excuses, procrastination, and just not leaving time for myself. I'm still working on the last one, but change takes time, right?

If you think you don't have time for a diet or to hit the gym I am proof that that is not true. I'm working roughly 80-85hrs a week at 4 different jobs and still manage not to cheat on my diet and to get to the gym at least 3 times a week. It's hard, but I think once you really want it you just do it. Oh and don't think you can't handle being exposed to all of those temptations. I'm a birthday party host, I have unlimited access to birthday cake, cookies, pizza, ice cream, apple juice. So if I can say no, you can too. I've also successfully gone to the movie theater twice since starting and didn't even have one kernel of popcorn or a junior mint.

So before starting this whole adventure I made a bucket list of things I would do with every 10 lbs lost. The following is my bucket list, if you can help me out with fulfilling any of these things that would be sweet. :)

10lbs- Buy a designer handbag (I bought my 1st Coach purse!)
20lbs- Milk a cow (currently looking for a cow)
30lbs- Learn to Crochet
40lbs- Learn to walk in heels without dying
50lbs- Ride a horse
60lbs- Climb to the top of Split Rock Light House
70lbs- Run a 5k
80lbs- Ride a bike more than driving my car
90lbs- Learn to dance
100lbs- Get a tattoo
110lbs- Learn yoga and not look ridiculous
120lbs- Go to graduate school
130lbs- Make a quilt with all my old clothes
140lbs- See the MN state flower in the wild
150lbs- Go camping in the BWCA
160lbs- See the northern lights
170lbs- Go to Yellow Stone National Park
180lbs- Drive the Pacific Shore Highway 100
190lbs- Learn a new language
200lbs- Go to Greece

Who knows if I'll even lose 200lbs, my current goal is 110lbs. But dream big right? I'm looking forward to the next year and seeing how far I can go. Thanks for all of the support thus far and if you own a cow let me know ;)


  1. Good for you Hannah!! I will be rooting you along the way!! Just keep working hard and you will get there. I love your bucket list and I will keep an eye out for a cow for you!! :D

  2. Go Hannah!!! Rooting for you! I know that you will do great and the fact that you have goals will make it easier! :)