Tuesday, August 23, 2011

So it's been a while

Sorry for not updating this thing soon. Life some times gets a hold of you and it takes a while to get back to normal. I've had a lot of big changes in my life this month and I'm finally settling back down and starting to feel normal again.

The biggest change this summer is loosing both of my grandfathers less than two months apart from each other. It's really hard some days to know they are gone. But I'm so thankful that I did get to spend so much time with them and they are no longer suffering.

The next biggest change would be moving back into my parent's house. Woot woot! It's actually gone a lot better than I thought it would have. And I finally have my own room! Yes, it is a 11x9 ft room, but it is all mine! No crazy roommates, no sharing a closet, no cleaning up other people's messes. :) Plus we have a puppy here. The only thing that would make this better is if my parents would let me get my own dog.

Lastly I've started my new job, and I'm loving it thus far! I can only imagine how awesome it's going to be once the kiddos come back to school. As much as I love science I'm looking forward to doing something completely different and working with kids this year. I'm also so excited to start getting involved in my community and giving back a little. I'm going to be tutoring at my local rec center too

Hopefully I'll be able to update this more routinely and keep you all updated!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lazy Summer Days

Is it sad that I took a shower only to get right back into my pajamas? I don't think so! I only have a few days of summer freedom before Reading Corps takes off and I'm busy busy busy again. I decided to have a movie marathon today and will be starting movie #5 shortly. I seriously need to think about canceling my Netflix account so I can start interacting with normal society again. Weird documentaries about absolutely nothing are one the top of my list of secret addictions. The other night I was up until 2am watching one about a women and her saga of random surgeries...it had absolutely no point other than for her to vent about being sick all the time aka an artistic statement.

So I've started to pack to move home (my last week at St. Kates!!) and have actually taken most of my clothes home...woah! I'm also trying very hard to throw things away. I don't know why I insist on holding on to things. Especially clothes that are either too big, too small or totally worn out. Point made when I sat down on the couch and totally ripped the crotch out of my pjs. Faith is concerned that I'm covering myself with her blankie at the moment. Becks thinks I should go to Chipotle like this. But I think it is time to retire this pair of pjs...it's only been 10 years!

To new beginnings and fewer things!


Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm Back!

So for all of you out there that missed reading about my crazy life, are having Hannah withdrawals, or just need a reason to laugh, I am happily back to blogging and entertaining the world.

As many of you know I have recently graduated from college and attempted to get a job in this amazing job market. Fail. And am now starting my year of service with the Minnesota Reading Corps. I'm super super excited, which sort of surprises me because I didn't think I'd be working with kids again. I'm also moving back in with my parents. Exactly what ever 22 year old wants right?! Hopefully during this time I and my parents (cough mom) come to an understanding and it won't be too crazy. The one very big plus to all of this is I will have my own room again! The 1st time in 4 year that I won't be sleeping in a bunk bed on a plastic mattress (oh college, it is so glamorous!).

Unlike my other blogs this one will be public! Yay! and I'll post my updates on facebook once I figure out how to do that haha.

I can't wait to share more! Love you all...oh and please update me on your post-graduation status!