Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lazy Summer Days

Is it sad that I took a shower only to get right back into my pajamas? I don't think so! I only have a few days of summer freedom before Reading Corps takes off and I'm busy busy busy again. I decided to have a movie marathon today and will be starting movie #5 shortly. I seriously need to think about canceling my Netflix account so I can start interacting with normal society again. Weird documentaries about absolutely nothing are one the top of my list of secret addictions. The other night I was up until 2am watching one about a women and her saga of random surgeries...it had absolutely no point other than for her to vent about being sick all the time aka an artistic statement.

So I've started to pack to move home (my last week at St. Kates!!) and have actually taken most of my clothes home...woah! I'm also trying very hard to throw things away. I don't know why I insist on holding on to things. Especially clothes that are either too big, too small or totally worn out. Point made when I sat down on the couch and totally ripped the crotch out of my pjs. Faith is concerned that I'm covering myself with her blankie at the moment. Becks thinks I should go to Chipotle like this. But I think it is time to retire this pair of pjs...it's only been 10 years!

To new beginnings and fewer things!



  1. The 5th Grade pants finally bit the dust!?

  2. The pink ones from 7th grade. The gray ones from 5th grade are going strong!