Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Contents of My Life

So I finally cleaned out my college backpack and it brought back a lot of good memories. My backpack has been with me since that 1st day at St. Kate's. It's multicolored pink mod square patter is slightly less vibrant and there are a few rips here and there but I miss carrying it around with me everyday.

It has been to so many places. It was my field backpack in California, when I fell in love with the Redwoods. It went to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, traveling from 15,000ft above sea level to 0ft. It was with me when I walked the Mayan ruins in Cancun. It has been a pillow on many occasions and of course served its time carry multiple heavy biology and chemistry text books. I'm still not sure if I want to retire it, but it does need some repairs and it's pretty stained.

My girls in 007 will be proud that I found the following items when I emptied its contents onto my bedroom floor:

-3 spoons
-1 fork
-1 cheese stick
-2 biology water bottles
-Multiple sharpies
-Pizza Luce mints
-Venna's Interviews Do's and Dont's
-A lighter
-Velvet tuberose lotion
-Spearmint Obrit gum
-Hospital bracelet
-A pair of safety goggles
-An apple (much past it's time)

This list sounds pretty random I know. But Venna, Brittney and Jiselle will know that it is 100% me. And no I did not eat the cheese stick this time. :)

I miss all my Katies! I hope you are all doing amazing wonderful things.

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