Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I'm Back!

So after a hiatus of about a YEAR from updating this blog I've decided to return once again. I am terrible at keeping up with these things, but after watching a TED talk about setting 30 day goals, I am here, I am typing and 30 days here we GO!

So I should probably update you on my life. As my previous blog posts are quite out dated.

I am no longer volunteering with the MN Reading Corps, sadly I left the corps last December to start my adventure in the real world. I have been working as a Chemist for a food company for almost a year now. It's been great work, with great people and I'm excited to see what opportunities I will have in the future with this company. I currently work in a two person lab at a flour mill. It's pretty awesome, and the male to female ratio is quite favorable if you know what I mean. ;)

As for the diet/exercise extravaganza that I started last fall I am still going strong. I'm down ~90lbs so far, and as stubborn as my body is being I'm still trucking along. I've found that I really enjoy HEAVY weight lifting. And can now dead lift 200lbs! I also enjoy cardio when my joints are on my side, and boxing.

The last big thing for the year is I bought a new car! She/he is beautiful! A 2012 Ford Focus hatchback in frosted glass (light metallic blue). I'm still trying to find a name for it, so if you have any ideas I'm very much open. I did sadly sell my beloved white convertible, Hank. He served me well, and I wanted to part ways on a high note, rather than run him to the ground.

Overall it's been a great year!

Oh and if you read my post about setting weight loss goals with a bucket list, I am super behind! If you want to go on some adventures with me to help catch up please please please email me! Like I said, I am a master procrastinator, even when it comes to doing fun things.

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  1. Wow! You're dead lift weight is super impressive. You go girl!